Notts Fashion Scene + Simeon Hartwig = Bantum Clothing

I found this little magazine on a table walking out of uni today, called Freeq, descibed as an ‘idependent new music magazine’. After having a flick through, (i like magazines, especially freebies) i noticed an article on Simeon Hartwig, the guy behind the “I Love Nott.” T- shirts. His brand Bantum (named because of his love for Bantum Chickens) is growing fast and he has been nominated twice for the Paul Smith Nottingham Business Venture Award.

The article is all about how he does what he does, how he got to doing it, and the ideas behind it…

What i like the most, is how his brand logo is a Bantum Chicken, which he calls Berny Bantum, and his new girls range is called ‘Berny’s bit on the side’. Everything about the brand is quirky, and has loads of personality, just what we like.
Check out his my space…

His stuff is stocked in Notts in Projects and Above, and also in White Label in Leeds and Manchester. Go look at it. And also, Trent people, go and get the magazine from Bonnington and read the article, quick.

Music man dem that are wearing it…

Some Pics from his Myspace of his stuff…


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