Kanye+New Girlfriend= BAD CHOICE?

Apparently, Kanye West’s new girlfriend used to be a lesbian, who dumped her girlfriend to be with him.
Apparently she was the one who told Rihanna to cut her hair short.
Apparently she is a ‘model’ (no ones heard of her) and also a stripper.
Apparently, it is very hard to get any sort of information about Amber Rose as she and Kanye have kept it pretty low key… however, doesn’t stop people gossiping and making opinions. And after reading a lot of blogs… Here’s mine.
– There style is pretty much the same, he has a shaved head, so does she, he wears big dark sunnies indoors, so does she, he’s trying 80’s retro, so is she. He could just be getting it on with her as she suits his ‘new fashion icon’ image.

-She did a shoot for Smooth Magazine, here are the results… hmmm… i guess this is where the stripper bit came from…

– She’s going to be in his new vid – Robocop… is this a publicity stunt? I think so.
– Sounds bad, but before his mum died, he had the model girl and most importantly, a smile. i’m also a fan of his previous albums- but 808 and Heartbreak, although he has been through alot and this is shown in his songs, it’s a bit… dry? It seems now his mums gone, he’s a bit lost, and kind of going of the rails. Don’t get me wrong, i like his style, and he’s more than welcome to prove me wrong, but he’s going down in my list… and his choice of girlfriend just makes him go further down… the pictures of Amber in that magazine aren’t the same as when him and his model Ex Alexis were in Vogue……

Her confident style issss kinda cool though. And shes got a pretty hot figure. And i like her Zebra shoes. And her leather waistcoat….

One comment

  1. Good shit those are some hardcore shots. I can understand why he dates her and even if she were a stripper in the past she is still really beautiful. But then again she could be a complete douchebag.

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