Think your life is bad + the internet=

If your having a down day and staring at facebook/myspace/twitter just isn’t thrilling you all that much, take a look at this website and you’ll soon realise there’s people who have had even more of a worse day than you, and you might even crack a smile too…..infact, you may even manage a small laugh!

The Deal: A twitter-like confessional website to tell your everyday life stories, based on the fact your main thought is… “F*** MY LIFE!”. People can then comment to tell you yes, your life is indeed F****D or symthathise with your strange/horrible/unfortunate situation.

Here are some of my favourites…

“Today, I was in science class. During the class my teacher passed out. I called 911 on my cell phone. He was rushed to the emergency room. It turned out he was okay. The next day in class, I got a detention for having a cell phone on me in class. FML”

“Today, I gave my wife a cat. The first thing it did when it got out of the box was scratch the sh*t out of my leg. Next, it ran up to my wife and purred. She said, “Good cat.” FML”
to this someone replied:
“While your life is now f’d, you deserve it for bringing one of those into your house. I guarantee a puppy would not have done this. And if you don’t have space for a dog, jeez, get a snail or something, not a cat.”

Funny. Cheered me up anyway!


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