Lacoste + Collaberation with architect= Shoe Range?

This article was found on Mintel whilst researching for my current project…

“Following the success of Lady Gaga, Dr Who and the new Star Trek film, fashion is also turning inter-galactic, with metallics, unusual cuts and exaggerated shoulder pads all being incorporated into ranges.

Going one step further, Lacoste is launching a footwear range in collaboration with an architects firm. Architect Zaha Hadid (creator of ultra-modern buildings such as the Doha Tower in Qatar) and Lacoste have come up with a limited edition line of 850 pairs of futuristic-looking shoes that will be available from July.

The footwear; an rubber ankle boot for men and a calf rubber boot for women, will feature a digitised version of the famous Lacoste croc logo, plus a pliable coiled strap system. Zaha Hadid describes it as footwear that ‘allows the evolution of dynamic fluid grids. When wrapped around the shape of a foot, these expand and contract to negotiate and adapt to the body ergonomically.’
Lacoste is mostly known for its sports shoes and fragrances, and for having a safe style. With this new range, Lacoste is obviously aiming to challenge people’s perceptions of the brand and is moving into distinctly edgy and exciting territory.
Lacoste’s new line has the wow factor; desirable footwear that seems to promise to be something out of the ordinary. Unusual styles are in fashion, and with the added promise of a ergonomically perfectly fitted shoe – Lacoste could be on to a winner here; it could turn into an innovative and fashion forward brand.
— May 14, 2009″

After looking around for pics on the net… this is apparently what they’re going to look like…

I’m not too sure on them to be honest, the girls version (the top pic) look like high gladiator sandals gone very wrong. At least the collaberation will make Lacoste stand out for a while… for better or for worse!


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