Kanye West + Lady Gaga = World Tour

Kanye announced on The View (U.S show) a few days ago that he is going to complete a world tour with Lady Gaga later this year. No dates have been given yet, but he has said they are co-headlining, as he stated Lady Gaga is ” talented and she’s so incredible that she’s not an opening act, we’re doing our show together, with no opening act.”
Clever move in terms of marketing, bringing fans of the both of them together to create what is clearly going to be a sell out tour. This will then lead to them each gaining a bigger and more diverse fan base, and so selling more music. Bravo. One problem, i don’t like Lady Gaga, so even though i would love to see Kanye, would people like me pay money to see him with HER?! Hmm… we will have to see.

Heres the link to his appearence on “The View”, where he also talks about his mother, the 808 and heartbreak album, and his book release. Very interesting if you’ve got 11 minutes to spare.

kanYe West : Blog : “THE VIEW” APPEARANCE 2009

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