Reading Time + Homework = AMAZING book.

Malcolm Gladwell- The Tipping Point.
Everyone needs to read this book. I was given the task to read it as part of a summer project, and it is one of the most interesting books i have ever read. (this isn’t just because i normally read girly fiction, i swear.) Written by Malcolm Gladwell (writing GENIUS- his ideas & chapters link so well), the book explains and reads into ideas, trends, and social behaivours in America (also relates to the UK) and explains social dynamics. A must read for any fashion marketeer, but also anyone who’s just interested in the social world.

I havn’t even finished it yet, (Blogging before even finishing-just shows how good it is!)
So far here are some of the key topics:

-The types of people that play critical roles in creating tastes, trends, fashions and Word Of Mouth epidemics.

-How this group of exceptional people are highly sociable, energetic, knowledgable & influencial among their peers.

-Hush Puppies- How they came back to be cool in the states, with help from the “exceptional people”

– And so much more that i want to type but i would rather get back to reading the book!

Just read it ok?! my mum’s already bagsied it after me.
The authors webpage and Q&A’s about the book:


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