Earphones + Colour = Nice Style.

“Scandinavian design collective, Urbanears has launched a series of headphones with three unique models, Plattan, Tanto and Medis, each available in 14 color varieties.
Like many successful street brands given the no-logo-all-color-garments a face, Urbanears is set to make a statement in audio fashion wear.
Plattan is designed to be the perfect classic headphone, utilizing innovative functions and performance with current technology. It’s a full size headphone allowing for rich, secluded sound. The entire unit folds down to the size of a fist for maximum mobility, best of all, Plattan also comes with a “zound plug” which is actually not a plug, but rather a socket that allows your friend to plug into your earcap and listen to the same thing you are listening to.
Tanto is designed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance, a tribute to the ‘80’s revolution in mobile music.”

I love these earphones, and definitely want a pair for Christmas! I really like the way the images have been made to look almost like moodboards with the colour of the headphones being used as a theme, especially the guitar styled one. Headphones are always a bit hit and miss as trends go, but the simplicity of these will definitely benifit the brand, the next big thing maybe? Definitely one for the Chrismtas list anyway!

Check their website HERE… and click on pdf catalogue for their lookbook for more amazing images.

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