I just found a creative media company that I absolutely LOVE, called RUBBISH. So individual in terms of design, layout and ideas, have a look at their website HERE.
about them:

In 2008, Topshop (who i have worked for for five years) did a really interesting campaign called “Topshop wants your rubbish” promoting re-using and recycling to communicate to customers the brand’s green messaging during a busy summer period. RUBBISH are the brand that did the creative and visuals for it. And a brilliant job they did too.
RUBBISH created a tabloid format newspaper for the event, seen in the images below: (click to enlarge) and also created a microsite ( This was distributed to 80,000 customers across 4 flagship stores nationwide, as well as creating workshops in the Oxford Street Flagship Store.
The newspaper content included Daisy Lowe as a flower girl, how to make couture jewellery out of rubbish, and other eco-messaging.

Their website is amazing, with links to their blog and other links. Just in the process of having a look at all of it, looks pretty good to me so far though!


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