I’ve been hearing the term “Foursquare” mentioned quite a few times via Twitter recently, so finally decided to download the app after a final push from a fellow Twitter geek to see what it was all about…(ever keen to add to my social networking knowledge!)

Created by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, the service/software is a location based social networking site for mobile devices, and also doubles as a game. Registered users can update and “check in” their location and connect with friends to gain points and badges, as well as leaving tips for other visitors to the location, such as restaurants and places to go to. It is easy to download, with members connecting via their Twitter or Facebook account…

Foursquare started out in 2009 with limited availability in only 100 worldwide metro areas. In January 2010, Foursquare changed their location model to allow check-ins from any location worldwide, and as of March 2010, the service had 500,000 users internationally, and this number is ever-increasing.

After using it for only 3 days in pretty boring locations, i can already see the addictiveness to it… It’s definitely a grower and urge you all to get it so you can brag about knowing about it before everyone else!


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