Cadbury have given the Flake ads a brand new look– one that I think will work well for it to gain publicity in a more “fashion ad” way as opposed to the traditional “flake girl” they have previously used for 50 years.

Created by ad agency Fallon, (who also did Cadbury’s Zingolo Fairtrade ad which was brilliant) and directed by Baillie Walsh, 200 metres of yellow fabric was used by couture designer Anthony Price to illustrate the folds of the Flake chocolate. As model Yulia Lobova spins around, the swirls of the fabric represent the folds of the Flake chocolate, much better/more sophisticated than the “Only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate…” strapline.

According to Creative Review, it references this Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen Hologram which was also directed by Baillie Walsh.

Phil Rumbol, UK marketing director at Cadbury said (via TheGuardian):
“For the past seven months the UK Cadbury team have been working on creating a new campaign that helps give Flake a fresh, contemporary approach, we wanted to focus on the beauty of the product rather than just the sensuality of eating it … we consider Flake to be a truly unique product and it’s still going strong in its 90th year.”

Its to be aired tonight (June 8th) on Channel 4 at 8.30pm


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