Me and my brother moved Glastonbury into our living room yesterday for a few hours, and listening to some of the sets made me think just how much I’m influenced and inspired by good music, even by artists I’m not particularly familiar with, or would have listened to without my brother making me.. (we have a masssive difference in music taste)

Mumford and Sons are a band that my Dad first made me listen to in his car a while ago on the way back from uni, and after listening to some of their songs a few times, i realised their music is pretty impressive and different from a lot of stuff out there especially in terms of them playing so many instruments: guitars, bass, banjo’s, keyboards, accordions, you name it…. Their set yesterday on the John Peel stage was brilliant, but missed my favourite song of theirs: Little Lion Man. Look at it here though to see them perform the whole set…
love how into it they get… GO ONNN.
Also LOVED Snoop Dogg’s set… Standard.. Massive fan. The chap needs to eat a bit more though, someone get him a McDonalds!

Dontcha agree?!

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