Just had one of those moments where you have a song stuck in your head for AGES, and then have to listen to it before you go insane. It was this song:

After listening to it and deciding I preferred the Three Six Mafia Remix I then remembered how much I’d  liked her album cover, very simple, very photocopy-style with a splash of GOLD (gotta love the gold) with Santogold in what looks like a child’s pose, not all overly sexy and beautiful like the standard female artist cover.

I then wondered who the artist was that did the cover, as I really like that whole collage look.. It iss…

Isabelle Lumpkin

Check out some her other work for Santogold…

Absolutely love her collage style. Especially her artwork section on her website, really love the majority of her work to be honest…

Amazing. Inspiring. Incredible.


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