Another music video post.

Getting obsessed.

Dream Job this week= To be a Creative Director for Music Videos. Yes purleeease.

Always love a massive graphic feel to a music video, so decided to do a top 3 of my favourites. (Subject to change if anyone reminds me of any other amazing ones or better ones come out)


Love: The triangles. Massively. The moving reflections in the eye. The prints. The colours of the huge cartoon hands. The rave kind of feel. Her jacket. Her gloves (give them to me). Her sunglasses with the chain on. Blue hair. Quick movement. The 80’s feel. The amazing prints at 1.14 onwards.

Best bit: 2.10


Love: General M.I.A wacky graphics and fonts. Mental use of colour. Flashing type. Her dress. Orange borders. Diamond shapes. Guy at 0.46. Dance moves. $$$. Hand drawn patterns. Changing Backgrounds. Ending.

Best Bit: 1.09

#1. This is the winner. HANDS DOWN.

Love: The paper shapes. The patterns. Concept behind it. Flashing triangles. Black and White. Spinning faces. THE MASKS=amazing especially stretchy purple one. Colours. The hanging paper triangles that look like bunting. The tv. Pattern at 1.54. Flashing. Gets quicker.  Just generally amazing.

Best Bit: 2.07- 2.21

Here’s the making of it:



  1. MIA is a genius whether it’s her music, fashion or videos.
    And I love that Redlight song! Been trying to download if for ages with no success.

    Great post 🙂 x

    • Thanks for the comment, glad you liked the post!
      LOVE MIA no matter what, and if I manage to track a download link for that song i’ll let you know! xx

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