The lovely Sofi over at Rock Solid sent me this mixtape for you guys to download, from Rockers NYC:

WHY Vol. 1 pays tribute to the early 90s hip-hop scene, when the rebels ruled the airwaves. This mixtape meshes Public Enemy, Kool Keith, Showbiz & AG, The D.O.C. and more…it’s time to free our braincells and fight back.’ DOWNLOAD HERE, NOW.

1. Public Enemy: Bring The Noise
2. Ice Cube: AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
3. Kool keith: poppa large (east coast remix)
4. The D.O.C.: Grand Finalé
5. 2 Pac (Feat Pee Wee): Something Wicked
6. Naughty By Nature: Uptown Anthem
7. Gravediggaz: Bang Your Head
8. EPMD: Headbanger
9. Method Man; Bring the Pain
10. Onyx; Throw Ya Gunz
11. Mad Lion: Shoot To Kill
12.Jamalski: Beatbox
13.Red Foxx; Dem a murderer
14. Shabba Ranks: The Jam (Ft. KRS-1)
15. Showbiz & AG: Party Groove (Bass Mix)
16. Gang Starr: Soliloquy Of Chaos
While your at it, check out Rockers NYC’s Fall/Winter Collection.



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