Welcome to 2011, let’s hope its an amazing year for us all. This year will see me finishing university, and starting the next stage of my life…I’m really looking forward to it.

To start the year of full of inspiration, and to get our creative juices flowing again whilst starting the detox after the Christmas period, take a look at this man’s work, it’s incredible.

Images by Frank Chimero


Frank’s website is incredible, make sure you take a look. I particularly like this quote from his Ideas page to start me off into 2011:

“Anything worth doing is difficult. And any one that tells you there’s a cheap or easy way to get every thing you want is probably trying to sell you some thing. You can’t download experience, you can only live it. So, stop waiting and just go out and try some thing. You’ll feel empowered.”

Nice start to the New Year… Hope 2011 is good for you all.


One comment

  1. mat

    here’s to the new year! we’re in the same boat in terms of uni. it’s going to get really hard

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