In 2009, Darren Solomon created a project entitled In B Flat 2.0, where youtube users were encouraged to create 1-2 minute videos playing any tune they wish in the key of B Flat. 

This idea of online crowd-sourced creativity is putting a new twist on traditional ideas of online communication, connecting with users whilst encouraging their musical abilities. I really liked this project when it first appeared, and now Solomon has created a new project, based again on the idea of interactive sound:

marker/music is an interactive music map Soloman has developed with members of the community of Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA. From October 18th – 22nd, 2010, the group shot over 70 videos in the area, from which 12 were chosen to be embedded in a custom Google map. The project was “intended to explore the concept by producing the entire project locally in a single community, rather than through internet-based crowdsourcing.”

The idea of bringing a community together through such a unique online method is really exciting, and reminds me of Arcade Fire’s amazing HTML5 video here, playing on nostalgia and familiarity.

Go have a play with marker/music and let me know what you think.


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