I’ve just seen a new advert for FootLocker featuring a downloadable track by The Cool Kids. Whilst I’m not a massive fan of it or the band itself, it’s really interesting as 2 years ago I did a similar hypothetical project for university. The work I created included a marketing strategy to take the brand JD Sports over to the US, and I had to create a strategy and advertisements for the brand extension to work. Within my strategy I suggested a collaboration with up and coming act (at the time) The Cool Kids, (See the pretty shoddy shots of my work below) so I like the fact Footlocker has made use of their talents to represent them in this ad campaign.

A selection of poor images of my work from 1st year at University, in 2008. Apologies for the rips/scruffiness, it was used as an example to other year groups)

The advertising piece features Amar’e Stoudemire, DeSean Jackson and Chris Bosh, with a guest appearance by Ken Griffey Jr. serving up his latest Swingman design. In addition, the entire animated spot was highlighted by the artwork of Grotesk. For more info on the campaign, check out here.


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  1. i have no idea who the cool kids are but i think it sounds pretty alright, the video is like de la soul mixed with sesame street!

    so did you submit your work to a company? your work looks amazing, esp for first year stuff, compared to mine you’re well ahead. are you working on your final?

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