There’s a new website to make consumer research a little bit more fun- Brand Toys uses market research data to visualise attitudes towards brands around the world: this red gorilla, for example, represents how Coca-Cola is seen in India.

The site was created by JWT London and works by taking data from Millward Brown’s BrandZ study, using its findings to give various characteristics to the toy relating to attitudes towards the brand’s trustworthiness, familiarity etc.

Added to this is data from social media search engine Social Mention relating to how much online chatter there is surrounding the brand – if generally it is positive, the toy will appear with a bright sun behind it, negative results in dark clouds appearing. Uhoh.

The toy’s features are then determined by further data, for example:

Big Ears= Lots of online mentions

Wearing a Trilby Hat= Adventurous

Collar and Tie = Straightforward

All the toys are created using the same principles so that users can compare how brands are perceived in different territories, and also in the same competitive field.

Users can create their own toy and have it 3D printed as a real life figure using Sculpteo, although some of them get a bit creepy looking, check out BMW’s : The Village People comes to mind?

via: CreativeReview


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