After its exciting eco initiatives earlier in the year, Puma has now announced it will be creating compostable clothing in the future. Although no date has been set for the release of products, it will no doubt play a big part in the brands mission to phase out all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain by 2020.

Last year the company launched its Clever Little Bag, a reusable bag to replace shoeboxes made from 65% less paper and energy. It then released the Clever Little Shopper, a biodegradable cornstarch bag which dissolves in water. Now Puma wants to take a new turn in leading the way materials are used in their clothing ranges, and address what happens to their products when people no longer want them.

I really like the way Puma are making a stand for the future of how brands should address sustainability – and look forward to checking out the range,

especially as i don’t quite know how the washing instructions would work!?


One comment

  1. mat

    i was emailed this video a few weeks ago, amazing stuff. i was totally blown away by it. they’re doing some really excellent stuff at the moment

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