I love this new packaging redesign for the Qubic Store in Auckland, New Zealand.  As an avant-garde fashion store that aims ‘to inspire and excite consumers in ways similar to leading retail icons such as Dover Street Market,Colette and United Arrows.’ the new designed bag certainly shows how brands are becoming increasingly concerned with the ‘recycle and reuse’ philosophy.

This is something Qubic have aready put into place in their store, by fitting it out with a range of everyday items and materials used in engaging new ways, to ‘subtly reminds consumers that even the simple things seen in a fresh way can be objects of delight.’

Their new carrier bag, designed by Casey ng, has been inspired by this theme, as well as the Japanese tradition of gift wrapping, where ‘the elegance, simplicity and sheer artistry of the packaging provides the recipient with an experience at least equal to that of the gift itself.’ With an aim to promote the brands identity, it will be hard to go wrong with packaging like this. I love the thought behind it, as well as how the consumer will be able to see the wrapping of their new items into a beautiful package… I would find it hard to open it up after buying things cause the packaging looks so good!


One comment

  1. mat

    it’s eco and it’s actually very nice looking. you don’t get that loads

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