Here is a tag team post of things that have caught mine, Aarika’s and Bella’s eye this week :

Last minute plan, Friday Late :

In celebration of the ‘British Design 1948-2012’ exhibition, an evening of creative collaboration and problem-solving is taking place tonight at the V&A.

With workshops, talks, film and music, there is a lively programme of things to be inspired by. We suggest some digital downtime in the ‘How Soon is Nowt?’ installation by No Days Off and Michael Marriott, where you will spend 3 whole minutes doing absolutely nothing. A luxury for our always-on lifestyles.

Get snap happy :

Developed with Stockholm’s Teenage Engineering, Ikea has created the KNÄPPA, a digital camera made out of one piece of folded cardboard. It can store 40 pictures and plugs directly into a computer with a USB connector. Showing how digital equipment is constantly becoming more accessible and user friendly, KNÄPPA follows the notion that it is now possible for anyone to be a photographer with the help of apps like Instagram. Although a date has not been set for release, we think it is a lovely little camera. We would really love them to celebrate upcycling with an eco approach using recycled Ikea packaging.

Never too old for Gold :

‘Ping Pong’, a new film premiering this Sunday in Toronto, explores the theme of old age through sport, where pensioners compete in the World over 80s Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia. At a time when health and wellbeing are becoming ever more important to society, Ping Pong follows 8 players with a combined age of 703 years to explore themes of hope, regret and the immediacy of growing old. Inspiring with a humorous angle, we can’t wait to see the full feature. We’re off now to go and get our practice in…


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  1. mat

    love the camera idea, can we get them here?

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